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Cyber Security

Protecting internet-connected systems, networks, and devices from digital attacks, theft, and damage.

IT Consultancy

Providing expert advice and guidance on technology and digital solutions to help organizations achieve their goals.

We Help IT Companies Scale Engineering Capacity

Remember, starting an organization is a journey, and there will be challenges and obstacles along the way. However, by taking a strategic and systematic approach, you can increase your chances of success and build a thriving business.

Do I need a business plan?

Yes, having a business plan is essential for any organization, as it provides a roadmap for the company's future growth and success. A business plan outlines the company's goals, strategies, and tactics, as well as the resources and timeline needed to achieve those goals. It also helps to identify potential challenges and risks, and provides a framework for decision-making and resource allocation. A well-crafted business plan can help to attract investors, secure funding, and ensure that the company stays focused and on track towards achieving its long-term objectives.

How long should a business plan be?

The length of a business plan can vary depending on the nature and scope of the company, as well as the intended audience for the plan. Generally, a standard business plan should be between 20-30 pages in length, including all necessary sections such as the executive summary, market analysis, marketing and sales strategy, operations plan, financial projections, and so on. However, some plans may be shorter or longer depending on the level of detail required and the complexity of the business. It's important to strike a balance between providing enough information to be comprehensive and detailed, while also being concise and focused on the most important aspects of the business.

Where do I start?

Starting a business can seem overwhelming, but breaking down the process into manageable steps can make it more achievable.


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